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Adobe exploit puts backdoor on computers

Posted by Oyya-Info on Sunday, October 11, 2009, In : Security 

A new zero-day exploit targeting Adobe Reader, as well as 9.1.3 and earlier versions of Adobe Systems' Acrobat, drops a backdoor onto computers using JavaScript, Trend Micro researchers warned on Friday.

Trend Micro identified the exploit as a Trojan horse dubbed "Troj_Pidief.Uo" in a blog post. It arrives as a PDF file containing JavaScript-based malware, "Js_Agent.Dt," and then drops a backdoor called "Bkdr_Protux.Bd."

The exploit affects Microsoft Windows 98, ME, NT, 2000, XP, and Serv...

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Microsoft joins HTML 5 standard fray in earnest

Posted by Oyya-Info on Saturday, August 8, 2009, In : Business Tech 

After leaving much of the matter of creating a new version of HTML to Apple, Google, Opera, and Mozilla, Microsoft has begun sinking its teeth into the Web standard.

The move adds clout to the effort to renovate HyperText Markup Language, the standard used to describe Web pages, which last was formally updated in 1999. In a mailing list posting on Friday, the software giant offered a host of questions and concerns with the present proposal.

"As part of our planning for future work, the IE t...

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Microsoft eases back on IE 8 default

Posted by Oyya-Info on Friday, July 17, 2009, In : Microsoft 
For people who've set other browsers set as default, the IE 8 installer now always asks whether they want to make IE the new default.

For people who've set other browsers set as default, the IE 8 installer now always asks whether they want to make IE the new default.

(Credit: Microsoft)

Responding to widespread carping, Microsoft has made it less likely that Internet Explorer 8 will become the default browser against the user's wishes.

Previously, installing the browser offered an "express settings" that would make IE 8 the default browser without asking, though the custom settings route explicitly asked. Now the express ...

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Who wins, loses with browser-less Windows 7

Posted by Oyya-Info on Monday, June 15, 2009, In : Microsoft 

Microsoft's move to offer Windows 7 in Europe without a browser may help rivals, but it could make life more difficult for European consumers, particularly those who want to upgrade their existing machines.

As first reported earlier on Thursday by CNET News, Microsoft plans to ship Windows 7 to both PC makers and retail stores with Internet Explorer removed.

Now, most people will get Windows 7 on a new PC. Presumably, in that case, the computer maker will chose to add back Internet Explor...

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