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How to avoid disaster-related Internet scams

Posted by on Tuesday, March 22, 2011, In : Security 
In every disaster scammers see an opportunity, and the crisis in Japan is no exception. Already there have been fake Red Cross e-mails circulating and there will no doubt be more scams coming.

Those e-mails appear to come from the British Red Cross. They provide some news on the earthquake and tsunami in Japan and urge people to donate to a Yahoo e-mail address on a Moneybookers account, a money transfer service that enables recipients to remain anonymous, according to App River, an e-m...

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How secure is your e-mail password?

Posted by Elinor Mills (CNET Writer) on Thursday, September 16, 2010, In : Security 
Access to an e-mail account opens up access to all sorts of other information that could be used to steal someone's identity and drain bank accounts, open up credit cards, and even take out loans in their name.

It's not just personal information at stake in e-mail accounts. Use of weak password-reset security questions is believed to have allowed someone to access the Yahoo e-mail account of a Twitter employee last year and then use that to access the person's Google Docs account where there w...

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What to do with passwords once you create them

Posted by Oyya-Info on Friday, July 16, 2010, In : Security 

Cryptography expert Bruce Schneier used to write his passwords down on a slip of paper and keep it in his wallet.

Today, he uses a free Windows password-storage tool called Password Safe that he designed five years ago and released into the open-source community. The desktop application lets users remember only one master password to access their password list.

But Schneier still recommends the paper method for people who don't have their computers with them at all times like he doe...

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McAfee's new family shield

Posted by Oyya-Info on Monday, June 15, 2009, In : Security 

On the heels of Symantec's OnlineFamily.Norton released earlier this year, security stalwart McAfee jumps into the family protection game with a new home-oriented protection program. Called McAfee Family Protection, the program offers many familiar tools to parents in the hopes of fostering conversation while protecting children from harm.

McAfee Family Protection protects children based on multiple levels of technology.

(Credit: McAfee)

McAfee Family Protection offers block...

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