Security experts will be releasing a tool that can be used to break into Oracle databases during their presentation at the Black Hat and Defcon hacker conferences next week in Las Vegas.

Chris Gates and Mario Ceballos will present Oracle Pentesting Methodology and give out "all the tools to break the 'unbreakable' Oracle as Metasploit auxiliary modules," according to the summary of their presentation on the Defcon Web site.

Gates is a member of the Metasploit project, an open-source platform used for developing, testing and using exploit code and sharing information related to finding vulnerabilities.

"Over the years there have been tons of Oracle exploits, SQL Injection vulnerabilities, and post exploitation tricks and tools that had no order, methodology, or standardization, mainly just random .sql files. Additionally, none of the publicly available Pentest Frameworks have the ability to leverage built-in package SQL Injection vulnerabilities for privilege escalation, data extraction, or getting operating system access," the presentation summary says.

"We've created your version and SID enumeration modules, account bruteforcing modules, ported all the public (and not so public) Oracle SQL Injection vulnerabilities into SQLI modules (with IDS evasion examples for 10g/11g), modules for OS interaction, and modules for automating some of our post exploitation tasks," the summary says.

An Oracle spokespeople said the company had no comment.