5 Firefox tips to surf faster

There are a lot of cool tricks Firefox could offer to the average user. But some of them are well hidden inside this great web browser. These five tips are just the tip of the iceberg and hopefully a good guide for a faster navigation.

Tip 1 - Bookmarks Toolbar

You probably already use some sort of bookmaking system like: the default interface, delicious or Google bookmarks. So if you got a habit in using them the Bookmarks Toolbar is the best thing you should get acquaintance with. This toolbar can be displayed by right clicking on the Navigation Toolbar and checking “Bookmarks Toolbar”. Now you are one click closer to your favorite links, and when we think how precious our time is and how much there is to see online this really comes in handy.

Tip 2 - Search Engine box

You probably got used to the Search Engine box in the top right part of the screen. There you can type your query and the result from a particular browser you selected will be displayed on your screen. But there is more to it then this. Our suggestion is to start using alternative search engines to find your answers. For example if you like watching movies adding the IMDB search engine will make your day. You can add the SE from Digg or Youtube if you want to search thought multimedia files. You need the Dictionary.com if you’re looking for a quick definition and a Torrent Portal is always a good thing to have at your fingertips.

Tip 3 -Â Open link in new tab

The middle button of your mouse. If you want to open a link in a new tab all you have to do is click that button. You can pass the traditional 2 clicks (right click - > open in new tab option) and merge them into a single click.

Tip 4 - Reopen your closed tab

You are a Tab maniac; used to open more then 10 tabs in the same session? Then you probably could close a good tab my mistake and instead of searching throw your browser history, why not just press the simple combination Ctr+Shift+T and reopen the last tab you were working with.

Tip 5 - Search without typing

If you want to search faster and you are to lazy to type into your SE box then you have another solution. Select the search engine you want (let’s say IMDB for our example). You see on a Google result page or on a torrent site the name of a movie. Use you mouse to select the text and right click it while is still selected. Now you get a new option “Search IMDB for your movie name”. Click it and read the results you’re interested in.


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