Best Troubleshooting Sites

Free Solutions to Common Windows Problems

Windows Annoyances offers a very useful set of information on how to deal with common Windows problems. Nice set of tips too.  Highly recommended for all users except raw beginners.


Excellent Windows Resource Site

The About Windows Guide is among the best of the Windows portal sites. Tips, tricks, troubleshooting and more. Oriented to end-users rather than tech-heads.


Excellent Free Tech Support Sites

Subscriber Ted Green writes: "Thanks a million, Gizmo, for telling me about the Tek-Tips forums. With the help of the forum members I solved a Windows shutdown problem that was driving me nuts." Note, though, that Tek-Tips is geared toward experienced users. Beginners may get better results from the TechSupportGuy forums. Both are free and well worth trying.


Free Computer Help

"Computer Hope" is an aptly-named web site offering useful online resources, a very active set of forums and a free email support service. I found the forums particularly responsive. Well worth trying next time you run into a PC problem.


Free Help with MS Word

Here's a site dedicated to tips, tricks and techniques for getting the most out of MS Word


Free Excel Help

If you've got an Excel problem you can't solve, try the busy forum at this site. It's free and the folks are very helpful.


Free Outlook Help

Some users just never get the hang of Microsoft Outlook. If you need help, check out this listing of Outlook Web tutorials, most of which are free. These tutorials are not just for beginners; there are some useful advanced guides as well.


Fix for Corrupted Office Files

Got a user with a corrupted MS Office document?  Tried the built-in filter for raw text recovery and got nowhere?  Try this site, which has programs designed to help you.


Database of File Extensions

Got a file with an unknown extension?  Need to know what created it?  This'll help.


Free Modem Help

Reader Alex Goode says, "This site is my first port of call when I run into modem problems or when I'm looking for modem info..." I've checked it out and it is as goode as Alex says.



Start-Up Applications Unplugged

It's frustrating trying to edit the Windows start-up list because the filenames themselves tell you little about the program's function. This free site lists thousands of common startup files, full descriptions of what they, and links back to the vendors' web sites. Top stuff.


Download Missing DLLs

Most users have experienced a "missing DLL" error message. This site provides a free library of DLL files that you can download.


Locate Spammers’ Real Locations

These folks provide a free online service which allows you to type in an IP or URL (web site address) and get the geographical location of the server. They also offer a variety of free tools to allow web sites to customize their web pages according to the geographical location of site visitors.


Disposable Email Addresses to Order

Need a temporary email address to give to some annoying web site that insists that you register? Well, simply make up anything and then add the suffix "”. For example, Then go to the Mailinator website and collect any email to that account. It's free and you don't even need a password to get your temporary mail. All mail is deleted after a few hours.


Troubleshooting Wireless Networks

Despite the advertising, I can assure you that installing a wireless network can be a real pain. If you run into trouble, try the excellent troubleshooting section at this site. The site has some excellent tutorials as well.


Track Down Windows Errors

Thanks to subscriber David J. for letting me know about this site which allows you to track down solutions to problems in different Windows sub-systems. The organization of the site is odd but quite effective. It has about 400 topics arranged alphabetically. However, some of the topics are general, such as "Shutdown problems", while others are very specific, such as "sh31w32.dll." Once you select a topic, you'll be shown a variety of resources ranging from Microsoft Knowledge base links to simple fix-it guides. Overall, an excellent trouble-shooting resource.


How to Fix Your Printer Yourself

Sick of paying out big bucks to fix simple printer problems? Then try repairing it yourself using the resources provided at this specialist site.


What DLL is That?

Ever wondered what a particular DLL does? Find out from this useful Microsoft database.


Send Files up to 100MB for Nix

This is impressive - a free service that allows you to send a file up to 100MB to another PC or person. Just type in the recipient’s email address and upload the file. The recipient is then notified by email and can download the file anytime within 7 days before it is deleted from the server. "No passwords to share, no software to install, no accounts to create, and no full mailboxes. Start sending now!" there is a 1GB monthly limit. The paid service allows files up to 1GB. For large files, see the next item.



HFS Personal Fileserver

For sending files of unlimited size you need your own mini-server. Install this tiny server app on your PC and give others your IP, then they can download any size of file whenever they like. You just need to keep your PC on till they've got the file. Definitely the best solution now for large files, though you're limited to the upload speed of your DSL connection (which is half the download speed). It just means a big file can take awhile but that hardly matters. [webmaster - there's a tute for this on my site if you want to link it - chris.p]

Great PDF Resource Site

If you are looking for Adobe PDF information or utilities, head straight for PDFZone. They are currently running an article on the "Ten Best Free PDF utilities." Here's the link to the article:


Beep Beeeeep  Beep

You turn on your PC and all it does is beep.  But what does the code mean? This site will translate for you.



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