Anti Boot Software for Yahoo Messenger (Update)

Official Yahoo Messenger is weak to prevent bots or spammer. To avoid bots you can use Anti Boots software to help you increase the security of your yahoo messenger. The booter or lamer usually targeted your id when you are login to the chat room of yahoo messenger. PM B0mb is the most annoying bots sent by a booter or lamer. In this article I want to share some of anti boot software that will protect you from booter or lamer. I not guarantee, you will undisconnected but, I guarantee when you use this anti Boot software you will not see a kind of PM or another boot like, Invite bots, Game bots, etc,

Anti boot software work to paralyze or shut down your Private Message and other activities such add buddies, webcam, and voice talk. This makes your user name protected from booter who want you disconnect via PM b0mb and other. You can activate or deactivate anti boot as anytime you want. When you seem or feel you got in danger, you can activate this anti boot software and you become free of bots.

Anti boot software in this article is affiliated to the yahoo messenger. Its mean that this anti boot software is design for official yahoo messenger chat client. You cannot use this anti boot software to other chat client except official yahoo messenger. I suggest you to used this anti boot software only when you are got in danger, especially when you go to the dangerous chat room or when you face or met you enemy in chat room

KaoticProtocol Anit Boot

This is an Anti boot with one click menu to activate or deactivate. KaoticProtocol Anti Boot is one of anti boot that used to yahoo messenger chat client. When you used this free ware software you just get an anti boot in two modes: Anti Invites and Anti PM . If you want get more options or modes you can buy a Pro Version through this site

Click here to Download

Spark Anti Boot

If you want a more protected bots you can use this Spark Anti Boot software (Anti booter free download). Spark Anti Boot has many anti bots options: anti cam, anti invite, anti boots, anti voice, anti file sender, anti pm or buzzer, anti view share. It’s a good anti boot software for you. Its also have a full mode on or off.]

Click here to Download

Y! Filter Anti Boot

This is another anti boot to prevent boots or bots with full options. Just like Spark Anti Boot Y! Filter also have a number of anti boot options. Y! Filter working to protect web cam , voice , shared files , pmb, lagg, invite/ conference , file , and error. Y! Filter used a notification area to activate or deactivate anti boot. You can choice by check the option of bots protected or just click start all or stop all. It’s a free software.

Click here to Download

You can download or Anti booter free download)and use KaoticProtocol, Spark, and Y! Filter by download from here.

Update: Add Protect Me and Anti Booter

Protect Me

In many yahoo anti boot web, Protect Me anti boot software is the most downloaded Anti Boot. Claimed to be 100% unbootable if you are using Protect Me, may be the reason why Protect Me became most wanted Anti Boot affiliating with Official Yahoo Messenger or even work with YahElite

How to Use Protect Me?

When you run Protect Me Anti Boot software, you will see login windows with username and password. Enter your username and password then push or click activation button. After that, open you chat client (YahElite, Yam, Ymlite or others) and select chat2 protocol and then press the “Load Account Information” button. Once your Account is loaded enter the chat room.

Click here to download

Anti Booter V3

Anti Booter Version 3 is a name of Anti boot software just like spark anti boot. You can activate disable PM, PM Shield, Close PM, Disable Chat, Chat Shield, Close Chat, Anti Invite, Anti Voice and Anti Pm .

For more information just download this anti boot software through link below

Click here to download

Update January 29, 2008


Protection is anti boot software like Y Filter that will allow you to set anti boot protection through system try icon. Anti Boot options available in Protection are Anti Voice, Anti Conference Invite, Anti File, Anti PM, Grey Shield, Anti Decline, Anti Error, Anti Cam Invite, Ant Shared Files, and Anti All.

To download this Protection Anti Boot just follow rapidshare link below:

Click here to download

Update September 21st 2008

Anti Boot with Alias ID or Secondary ID

You can also make a boot protection by using Alias ID or Secondary ID. This no need to install any kind of anti boot software, and it can be done just only using official Yahoo Messenger. Want to learn how to achieve this boot protection? Visit:

Anti Boot with Alias ID

Need Yahoo Boot? Visit Free Yahoo Boot Download

Chat Client Anti Boot Software

Beside of all anti boot software I share you above, there were few better way to make you unbootable or make an antiboot. The easiest way is installing and running in yahoo messenger with chat client that design to handle boot problem or we can calls as anti boot chat client. One of the best anti boot chat client in my experience is Yahaven. With Yahaven Ghost and Shield, you are almost unbootable. Yazak chat client also good enough to use as anti boot chat client. Using Yazak Ghost ID, you are almost unbootable. Remember Yazak Ghost ID differ wiht Yahaven Ghost ID.

Happy Chat! And say farewell to Booter or Lamer!


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