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Bank Trojan botnet targets Facebook users

Posted by Oyya-Info on Thursday, October 29, 2009, In : Security 

On the heels of one fake Facebook e-mail scam, a researcher warned on Wednesday of another such campaign in which users of the popular social network are being tricked into revealing their passwords and downloading a Trojan that steals financial data.

In the latest scam being blasted to e-mail in-boxes, a legitimate-looking Facebook notice asks people to provide information to help the social network update its log-in system, said Fred Touchette, a senior security analyst at AppRiver. When...

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Symantec Phishing Report - Attacks rose 52 percent

Posted by Oyya-Info on Thursday, August 6, 2009, In : Security 

Phishing attacks rose 52 percent in July while spam as a percentage of all e-mail stayed about the same compared with the previous month, according to the latest reports from Symantec that tracked spam and phishing activity for the month.

The State of Spam (PDF) and State of Phishing (PDF) reports were released Thursday.

With some fluctuations, spam averaged around 89 percent of all e-mail in July, noted Symantec. That compares with about 90 percent for the month of June. There are dist...

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Survey: Why do people respond to spam?

Posted by Oyya-Info on Wednesday, July 15, 2009, In : Reviews 

Most people may think they're smart enough not to answer an obvious spam message. But is that really the case?

Almost one third of consumers questioned admitted answering e-mails they suspected were spam, says a survey released Wednesday by the Messaging Anti-Abuse Working Group (MAAWG).

Among those who responded to spam, 17 percent said they clicked on it by mistake, 13 percent said they sent a note to the spammer to complain, while 12 percent said they were interested ...

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Postini: Google's take on e-mail security

Posted by Oyya-Info on Thursday, July 2, 2009, In : Security 

The computer security industry historically borrows military defense concepts to combat digital threats, literally creating war rooms where experts follow attacks in progress on huge screens with phones ringing off the hook. 

Not so at Google's Postini e-mail security service provider unit. Instead, computerized systems monitor 3 billion messages per day that flow in and out of customer systems and pass through Postini's thousands of machines in data centers around the U.S. and in Europe befo...

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